Function to add a teacher as a co-teacher to all classrooms of a given student.

function Add-ClassroomTeacherToStudentsClasses {
$gamExeLocation = "\path\to\gam.exe"
##– if no SamAccountName object was piped –##
if($null -eq $SamAccountName){
$SamAccountName = $student
. $gamExeLocation print courses student $SamAccountName state active | . $gamExeLocation csv – gam course ~id add teacher $Teacher


Add-ClassroomTeacherToStudentsClasses -Student jbloggs -Teacher jsmith

AD Objects with the SamAccountName parameter can also be piped to this function

Get-ADGroupMember "Group Name" | Get-ADUser | Add-ClassroomTeacherToStudentsClasses -Teacher jsmith
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