Powershell (6)

AccessIt – Unattended Install

We use AccessIt for library management in several of our schools. Aside from running on JAVA it’s an excellent piece of software.In the past, we’ve always had to deploy it by having physical (or virtual) access to the machine. However, now have a process for unattended install.We use PDQ Deploy – if you don’t use it, […]

AD OU – Remove Protected From Accidental Deletion

When creating an OU in AD, ticking the Protect from Accidental Deletion box seems like a good idea. Until you go to delete the OU. Even more so if you have multiple nested OUs and just want to delete the top level one. Powershell to the rescue! We can use Get-ADOrganizationalUnit (note US spelling) to select […]

GAM – Hide all users in AD OU from Global Address List

Fairly niche one this one. Needed to hide all the users in a specific group from the GSuite Domain’s Global Address List. Powershell to the rescue. Pulling through all the users in a specific searchbase and iterating through them with the GAM gal off command.

The script pulls the accounts in the specified OU, including […]

GAM – Set profile photo of entire group to single image

  • February 22, 2017
  • GAFE, GAM, ...

For out students, we want a single image for their GSuite profile photos. Sadly there isn’t a way of preventing users from changing their photo, so we have to run a script regularly to remove any changes they may have made.


GAM – Give mail group calendar permissions

Had a need to add all the users from a GSuite group as editors on a Google Calendar. The script reads and outputs the current ACLs, gets the members of the group and then adds them to the calendar giving them the appropriate permissions. At the end, it outputs the new permissions. Different permissions can […]

Powershell AD – Output groups a user is a member of

We occasionally need to make a note of the groups a user is a member of. If they’re going on maternity leave, for example. This script does require the Active Directory Module For Windows PowerShell.