Chris Bradbury

Web Designer, Developer & General Experimenter


Wagging N Walking

Wagging 'N' WalkingStatic website created for Dogs Charity Wagging ‘N’ Walking.

3 years ago   CSS   CSS3   HTML5   jQuery   PHP

Placement Manager

placementmanagerA bespoke system created for Northumbria University’s Arts Design and Social Sciences department. Allows students and employers to view and list placements for their various courses.

4 years ago   AJAX   CSS3   HTML5   jQuery   MySQL   PHP

Lalon Nottingham

lalonA website created for an Indian Restaurant in Nottingham. Featured a fully bespoke PHP back end including menus, promotions and table booking forms. Created with Human Capital.

4 years ago   AJAX   CSS3   HTML5   jQuery   MySQL   PHP

Donkey Digs

donkeydigsBespoke house / flat letting system. PHP and MySQL driven.

4 years ago   CSS3   HTML5   Image Manipulation   jQuery   MySQL   PHP


Website created for SelectBrief, a local AV Company. Simple static website with Image Gallery, Twitter Integration and Client File Transfer System.

3 years ago   CSS3   HTML5   jQuery   MySQL   PHP   Twitter API

UK Culture

ukcultureA website containing videos and information for students coming to Loughborough to study. Received hits from over 120 countries.

4 years ago   Flash AS2   MySQL   PHP   Video Server

LSU Elections 2012

LSU12Website created for the Loughborough Students’ Union Executive Elections 2012.

4 years ago   AJAX   jQuery   MySQL   PHP

LSU Dance Competition

dancecompA live streaming single page for Loughborough Students’ Dance club. Live streaming video and ‘coming next’ feature.

4 years ago   AJAX   Flash AS2   MySQL   PHP   Video Server

The Controversy

thecontroversyThe controversy. A quite website mock up landing page for a fictitious student newspaper.

4 years ago   CSS3   HTML5


Colour Picker

colorpickerA simple colour picker made purely from CSS3 and jQuery.

4 years ago


jtileA jQuery plugin to easily apply thumbnail rollovers for thumbnails with various effects and speeds.

4 years ago   jQuery

Olympics Positive Tweets

olympicsSite showed the percentage of positive tweets about the olympics. Uses 1000 tweets of hashtag #olympics and scans the tweets looking for positive vs negative words

4 years ago


Wordy Clock

wordyclockWordy Clock, a screensaver created using flash and Instant Storm. Use the download link below, install the .exe and select the screensaver.

4 years ago


remindersA very small application with the simple job of providing reminders straight to the desktop. Reminders can be popups, tooltips or both.

4 years ago